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harukakaka [userpic]

Feel free to add me. If you want me to add you back just comment here ;]

harukakaka [userpic]

What the fu..

click me

Particularly the last part which reads:

The mother and baby have been reunited and are recovering in an Auckland hospital, where they are believed to be in good health.

harukakaka [userpic]

This series is insane. Goku wacking Bulma's crotch, Bulma showing her butt, Goku showing his crotch, Oolong dressed as a communist (communist pig, clever) and Roshi riding fricken Gamera. Now, I really didn't expect that one.

Really entertaining, pretty hilarious. I had only seen a couple of episodes before this.

harukakaka [userpic]

I went to Harbour Town today. I was slightly disappointed that it was not a harbour nor not much of a town. It was my first time there, it wasn't great, they did have a Pure and Natural though, 2 points to Harbour Town and another 2 for having an EB that sells PS1 games, decent selection. But I went really to meet someone who I have known on the net since... 2004, maybe further back.

We met through TO (Tactical Ops) one of the best PC FPS games ever. That game was fucking awesome. Best community ever. She met her current partner through it, they ended up having a baby. It's fun to think I witnessed it all evolve through TO, a relationship, naww. She never did film giving birth, my request, shattered. Anyway, yeah, she and her partner Shane, only moved to Perth recently, so yay <3.

I was going to bring my video camera along (which I just bought) but, to put it simply, I didn't. Wish I did! I think I want to LAN.

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harukakaka [userpic]

I can't help but find this article all too funny: http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2008/11/08/2414281.htm

The title is good enough, in an "Oh sh, he went there" and he sure did. The whole thing just sounds like Turnbull is intoxicated.

"We (the Liberal Party) have a passionate commitment for the family, for the promotion of the family.

"And that is something that we will pursue ... with the passion of the hunter pursuing his quarry across the hills."

What the...

But hey, ok then!

He said some good things, just in a weird, weird way.

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harukakaka [userpic]

I got a keyboard. It's pretty great.

Silent Hill music, X Japan, random anime songs, hmmm what else would I like to play, who knows. But that seems like a lot anyway. I love Silent Hill piano stuff. Death Note had some cool piano too.

harukakaka [userpic]

Coffee has been a good friend to me lately, thank you for keeping my faculties up while sleep deprived and or my untalkative state kicks in.

So, anyway, work sucks and STAT prep was pretty fun. Writing a creative essay was great! Makes me want to write a book. I really appreciate the arts and the creativity that comes with it. I have too much disinterest in mostly everything else. I would love to have a career based on making music or creating stories. If I could do that, I would be happy. Give me art or give me death.

I'm really interested in recording music again, but it's like I have no time. Ahhh I need to save money, thus I need to work. Necessary evil. Along with cars apparently. And all this means I have no time for important things. Work should be banned. We can build robots to do all the work and the government will give the people money every week. When are we going to do this? If we are going to be living on Mars in a hundred years, we should be building robots to be slaves now.

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harukakaka [userpic]

They are so awesome. Huge respect for them as musicians. Especially Imai, anyone who plays theremin is awesome, anyone who plays it at lives is even more awesome!! <3 for Imai.

BUCK-TICK have been together since 1984! They have stayed with the same line up since, or maybe from 1986 it is.

They are also made of sex. Atsushi has aged ever so well. I think I like their 80's music the most. Early 90's is great too.

' BUCK-TICK video love insideCollapse )

harukakaka [userpic]

I sent off to get a Proof of Age card today, I'm glad I did. I have no photo I.D. as it is. I hate buying things, doing things that are 18+ or 21+, I expect them to yell at me with "YOU'RE NOT OVER x!!" So I don't often attempt such things.

I've been looking at so many forms lately. Filling in information and reading a lot. I do understand the reasons behind why they have identity information needs but I absolutely hate it. Three forms I've looked at for different things require photo identification. Passport or drivers license they list. So basically they expect me to drive a car or have traveled overseas? I have so much indignation for the whole expectation of identification. I need a Justice of the Peace to sign my birth certificate in one case and in another I had to know someone on a list with very specific professions to write details and sign photos of me. I also do have to know that person for over one year. This is all as I don't have photo identification.

The amount of identification you need for such simple things is ridiculous these days. Like selling goods to EB Games I remember being another pain. Buying a phone too. When I went with cecemarie once for her to get a new mobile phone, the lady said you need a drivers license, strictly. You need to drive to buy a phone? It's against the law to use a mobile phone and drive at the same time, maybe not so oddly enough.

This rant was really unexpected... I should stop ranting just about every lj entry I make.

harukakaka [userpic]

Me and my friend have been playing Super Mario Bros. on NES every other time or so I see him at my house over the last month and a half. Haven't beaten it since our childhood. Until today! Today I became the victor. I clocked the game in our usual 2 player battle mode. I was so close to death at the end, Jumping a gap with a fireball coming up while a hammer was thrown at me by one of the brothers'. They were both flung at me, I dodged both by inches and made the quick run to King Koopa! Made it over his hammers with little to no stopping. VICTOLY!

My competitive friend, didn't like it as much as I, fufufufu.

I need a new challenger. Challenge me!

I started using my last.fm again. I didn't have it activated for ages, so now it's working again. Which kind of reminds me to rip that Miles Davis CD, but I am too lazy to find it... Maybe.

Current Music: La'cryma Christi - Sanskrit Shower
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